What is the Appliance Doctor Outlet
In this age it is not always possible to rely simply on a name, each manufacturer has made machines which are more prone to problems than others. It simply is a side effect of the constant struggle to make more advanced, efficient and affordable appliances.

We as the repairers to many manufacturers, are in a unique position to identify which machines will serve you best. We now hold a large stock of what we believe are the most reliable and value for money appliances on the market today. All of which are available for sale from our outlet store in St.Clears. Delivery is free to all of Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Swansea and Port Talbot. If you live outside of these areas then please note that we always welcome cash and carry sales.   

Some retailer will sell you what they can acquire cheapest, which is fine as they do not understand the inner workings and technical aspects of the appliances which they sell. However this does not always result in you receiving the machine which is best suited to your needs.

"If our engineers see them often then we don't sell them"
One of the many rules which we follow when purchasing appliances.

Thank you for considering the Appliance Doctor.