Needing Some Extra Freezer space?

Here at appliance doctor we have a range of different types and sizes of freezers available for collection or delivery today.

Maybe you are looking to upgrade an older freezer for something with better energy efficiency or a bigger size to store more freezable food. Freezer types range from smaller undercounter freezers designed to fit under a worktop or getting a larger capacity freezer like a chest freezer or a tall upright freezer for more organized storage.

Another difference between older freezers and new is that the thickness of the freezer walls have increased to hold the cold in for longer if a power lose were to occur, meaning the efficiency is much greater than ever before.

With the cost of food raising more consumers are freezing food for less waste and less trips to the shops meaning less fuel costs and food wastage.

Freezers start from £229.99. Contact our office today to get yours.