Spare Parts

Due to the vast quantity of Make's and Model's available spare part can only be ordered by phone, Telephone 01994 231 233. This method allows us to advice you on what parts you may need as most faults are a combination of problems. Our service engineers who are experienced, professional and Corgi registered, will be able to advice you not only on what parts you require but also how to safely install the part.

Please Note: Manufacturers produce several different versions of each model. As the machine evolves different parts are used, therefore we require all of the numbers on the id plate. On most appliances there will be a small metal plate or sticker which holds all of the relevant information. On fridges it is most commonly found behind the salad tray and near the ice box on freezers. The plate on Washing machines and cookers can be found most often just inside the door. On dishwashers this information can most commonly be found along the edge of the door.